Welcome to Two Fish Farm online!

Hi! We’re happy you’re here. Please browse freely. If you’re looking for something specific, refer to the categories on the right. I am constantly updating this site these days as I learn how to use wordpress.com, and own/grow a farm!

For information about green building and the renovation of the 1887 Myers school that we now call home, browse the essays and blog under Schoolhouse Renovation Project. This does not go in chronological order of the actual renovation project due to the fact that I was extremely overwhelmed with building and didn’t get time to blog as we were working. So, now I’m going back and writing articles about the process, the product choices we made and why, in hopes to inspire other perspective DIYers or builders to more sustainable ways of doing it.

Living the Dream is a compilation of blog entries about our outdoor and farm related musings.

Permaculture is a mix of blogging and essays by us and other contributing friends of the farm on the topic of permaculture development of the homestead, farm, and surrounding natural areas.

Under Herbal Remedies you will find articles about herbs and their uses and suggestions for self-care, however nothing should be considered doctor’s recommendations, consult a local herbalist for your personal prescriptions. 😉

As the growing season begins we’ll include recipes for both wild and cultivated seasonal foods under Recipes.

Thanks for visiting!

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